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    Start preparing for the Bone Densitometry ISCD CBDT or ARRT(BD) exam now!
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  • Detailed study guides for each bone densitometry subject as outlined by both International Society Clinical Densitometrists (ISCD) and the ARRT. Our website prepares you for either technologist certification exam.
  • No need to buy several books and painstakingly search for the sections you need, BoneDensityTutor.com is all you need to prepare, pass, and get certified.
  • Numerous interactive study tools and learning games to make studying for the exam fun.
  • Detailed feedback explaining incorrect answers to help you retain better.
  • Re-take practice quizzes and tests as many times as you like without limits.
  • Curriculum built by following the published guidelines of both ISCD and the ARRT.
  • Simple and easy navigation anyone can use.
  • Access on the web from ANYWHERE!
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The free online demonstration of our site includes examples of all our interactive study tools. It includes study guides, slideshows, and practice quizzes covering various Bone Density subjects.

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Get 3 months access to ALL of BoneDensityTutor.com's study content to help you prepare for the ISCD or ARRT Bone Densitometry registry exam at a cost of $68. Get a FULL Year Full Access for $78. Most textbooks cost more and you won't get the most up to date study content and you certainly won't have as much fun studying as you will when utilizing BoneDensityTutor.com!

Practice tests can be saved, so you don't need to worry about interruptions while you are studying. With BoneDensityTutor, you simply save your work and pickup again where you left off when time permits. Our site is built to accomodate the busy lives of working students and parents. One of the biggest difficulties of studying for an exam is dedicating the necessary review time. Our website is designed to give techs efficient learning tools which minimizes the time you have to spend studying. BoneDensityTutor is a 21st Century study tool to help you become certified.

Several interactive study tools and guides are available along with many practice quizzes covering each of the bone density specific subjects to help you prepare without causing you to be overwhelmed. BoneDensityTutor strives to go beyond the textbook and offer up to date content and deliver it to you anywhere with web access at anytime.

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